Puppy Kindergarten
for pups ages 10 weeks to 6 months with minimum 2 sets of vaccines
 drop-ins welcome $10.00

You will smile and laugh watching the puppies romp and tumble with each other.  They are burning off energy ( so they will nap when you get home and you will actually be able to get things done) while they are learning how to act around other dogs.  You will also get to hold and handle the other fluffy, chubby  puppies.  This will help your pup be more comfortable around strangers as an adult dog.  You will learn how to deal with the behaviors that are making you want to pull your hair out like house breaking, nipping, jumping, counter surfing,  begging and more.  This class is 30 minutes long.

6 weeks : $110

This class is skills oriented. We will introduce the foundation commands that your dog needs to be a well behaved companion, including:  SIT, DOWN, STAND, STAY, COME,  LEASH MANNERS, LEAVE IT, and WAIT. We will focus on leadership skills for you and self control skills for your pooch. This class is 50 minutes long. First class is lecture dogs DO NOT attend.

6 weeks : $110

This class is designed to get students prepared for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen 10 item test. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is an AKC certification program that demonstrates that the dog is well behaved in public. Dogs must have completed a BASIC OBEDIENCE class (or have been evaluated by instructor) The CGC test will be administered during the last class.  There is an additional fee paid to the AKC for the certificate.  This class is 50 minutes long.

6 weeks : $110

This style of training uses no corrections. A sound marker is used to tell the dog when he has done the correct action. This activity strengthens your bond with your dog, teaches him how to learn, improves his focus on you and keeps him mentally active. Mentally challenging your dog tires him out more than lots of physical exercise and a tired dog is a good dog. Authorities also believe that keeping an older dog mentally active can help prevent canine senile dementia. Teach your wild adolescent or your old dog some new tricks, such as: PLAY DEAD, ROLL OVER, HIGH FIVE, CRAWL, PUT AWAY YOUR TOYS, SAY YOUR PRAYERS, FIGURE 8's and LOTS MORE! You can work at your own pace and choose which behaviors you would like your dog to learn.  Students can repeat this class and expand their repetoire with entirely new tricks.  This class is 50 minutes long.


Mutt Manners
If you are being driven crazy by your dog's barking, nipping, making piles and puddles on your carpets, stealing stuff off your counters, yanking your arm out of its socket and drag you down the street while your neighbors watch and laugh or shake their heads, then this is the program for you.
Your dog will learn to be quiet when told to do so, play nicely with his toys and not steal your things, walk on a loose leash and not jump on you or your family

the lessons include

2 in home sessions including
training demonstration/ instruction and practice
4 Commands:
Quiet -  Off -  Leave it - Let's Go (loose leash)
behavior modification for common minor behavior problems like nipping, jumping, barking and house breaking

Polite Pooch
Do you love your dog but wish she listened to you better? Does she have a couple of bad habits that you would like to change but mostly you just want her to be well behaved and have nice manners, like not running out the door when you open it to pay the pizza delivery guy, to come when you call her in from the back yard so you do not have to chase her and make you late for work, to not knock you down when you are going up the stairs or jump all over the neighbor kids while you are waiting for the school bus?

the lessons include

4 private in home lessons including
consultation/ evaluation
customized training plan
 demonstration/ instruction and practice
9 commands
 Quiet-  Off - Leave It -Lets Go (loose Leash)
 Sit - Down -  Stand - Come - Wait
printed educational materials
free phone or email follow up for 6 months

Canine All Star
Do you want friends and family to compliment you on your dogs behavior?  Do you want to be confident that your dog will be welcome where ever you take him because he is always well behaved whether you are sitting at an out door cafe sipping a latte with him resting quietly under the table? Would you love to take a nature walk and let him run off leash knowing that he will return to your side when called?  Would you like to be able to take him to family functions completely confident that he will not mow the kids down while they play kick ball or tag and not steal hotdogs off of your father in laws plate or get muddy paws all over your grandma's Sunday dress?  This program is for people who want the dog to be able to be included in more family activities and/or expand the training experience for better reliability.

the lessons include

6 private in home lessons including consultation/evaluation

customized training plan
12 commands
  Quiet  - Off - Leave It -  Lets Go (loose Leash)   
Sit -  Down -  Stand  
Look - Move
Stay (with distractions)        Come (with distractions)
Place (go to mat)       
printed educational materials
free phone or email follow up for the life of the dog
free training equipment
free participation in a group clicker tricks or scent work class

Dream Dog
This package is for people who want their dog to be the envy of their friends, family and neighbors without the work!  It is ideal for families with hectic schedules, people with physical limitations, or demanding jobs.

Dogs who go through this program will be able to do all the things from the Canine All Star programand more but the trainer does all the instruction!

the program includes

trainer does 6 training sessions with your dog at your home/and or public setting
2 follow up sessions with you to maintain the training
unlimited  commands
printed educational materials
free phone or email follow up for the life of the dog
free training equipment (up to $300 value)
participation in any group obedience, clicker tricks, free style or scent work class



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Pawsitively GOOD PUP
Trained Dogs =Happy Owners

3 weeks : $36

This class will teach you how to tap into your dog's natural ability to use scent to hunt and locate items.This provides a mental activity to keep high energy dogs calm. It helps build confidence in timid dogs. It does not require any previous training. This class is 50 minutes long.